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Is your property line causing heated discussions with your neighbor?
Disputes commonly arise between neighbors over property line locations. These heated disagreements can turn into ugly legal battles, costing both parties thousands and thousands of dollars. We can help straighten things out by finding out exactly where property lines are located. We will do our best to work with all parties involved, and while we can't guarantee things will be resolved in your favor, we can offer experienced advice and insight into the steps that should be taken to resolve the issue. 

Purchasing a new home or property?
One of the biggest mistakes some home or land buyers make is not getting the property they are purchasing surveyed. Established fences are often not accurate property lines and even buildings can be built over the property line. Before closing, we recommend that you have the property boundaries surveyed. We have witnessed many scenarios where a boundary survey, before purchase of a property, would've saved the new owners a lot of time, money and headache. Either they had things encroaching on their neighbor's property or they didn't purchase the actual amount of acreage they thought they were purchasing. It is always better to know beforehand what exactly you are buying. Remember!! Real estate agents and title companies are NOT surveyors!

Building a fence?
Although not always necessary, sometimes having your lines flagged or property surveyed is extremely beneficial if building a fence around your property. A lot of times fences are not built on the property line and end up encroaching onto a neighbors property, and not by only a few inches. It can be many feet off, especially when building a fence for a long distance. If this happens, it may result in the tearing down and rebuilding of your fence, which is costly and time consuming, and even more costly, a legal battle. A qualified land surveyor can help you avoid these issues.

Selling property?
Having your property professionally surveyed can provide for quicker transactions. Sometimes buyers will make their offer contingent on a survey. If one has not been done, this will slow the closing process down, and if problems are found, they will need to be addressed, which means more time and even worse,  could result in the loss of the buyer. REMINDER!!! Real estate agents and title companies are NOT surveyors!

Legal access, encroachment and easements questions?
Legal road access to and easements across parcels of land are other areas that often need addressed, especially during real estate transactions. Encroachments are also more common than you think. We have extensive experience in these areas and can provide quality assistance and advice with any or all of the above. 

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  • Boundary Survey
  • Land Division/Lot split Survey
  • Lot/Parcel Line Adjustment Survey
  • Topographic Survey
  • Site Planning Survey
  • Subdivision Plat Survey
  • Control Survey
  • Court Exhibit Survey
  • Letters of Map Admendment (LOMA)
  • Elevation Certificates
  • Construction Surveys
  • Easements/Legal Descriptions
  • Right of Way Surveys
  • Aerial Surveys
  • A.L.T.A. Survey
  • Extended Title Insurance Coverage Survey